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Start InvestingBeing a hard worker can only get you so far, in fact if anything, you can only have a small savings account and some retirement benefits after 30 -40 years in your job. So if you’re smart then you know you’ll need to invest your money in a practical yet acceptable return-on-investment (ROI) type of business. There are several things you will need to know about starting a business and keeping it going, but first let us begin with what you should expect in doing it.

· Extra Expenditures – normally there’ll be more to spend than what you’ve planned for, therefore it is absolutely necessary that you’ve prepared a 6-month worth of cash savings in case the need arises. This will also serve as backup cash supply if you lose your job, you’ll be hospitalized or suffered a disability.

· Cut Off Lose Ends – debts are liabilities and trouble more than they’re worth, so settle all of your credit card/bank/personal debts that way you’ll have a clear road ahead in your business plans.

· Marketing Strategy – you should never start a business where you have little to no idea what the business is all about and without a good marketing strategy to make it through.

Where to begin?

Fortunately many forex trading companies have started to open their business online and some of them have a very low investment-entry tier for individuals who wish to buy stocks. You start investing for as low as $100 – $500! Stocks are considered as a long-term investment and so if you play it right you could have a huge return after 5 years or so. Even better if you bought at least 10 or more because you could shuffle it by buying and selling 1 or 2 per year depending on the rise and fall of their prices. You could cash in a few of your stocks every year or so.

Big Business, Big Taxes

Sooner or later you’ll be very good in the forex trading business and you’ll earn several hundred thousand to a couple of million dollars per year, and you know what this means. The bigger you get, the more federal income tax you’ll owe the government. But who has time to settle all of their tax requirements? Exactly, you’ll probably give 60% of your time on your investments, 25% of your time for family and leisure and 15% of your time for rest. Even though tax season comes only once a year it’ll probably take you several days to compute your taxes. In case you’ll need those times for other important things you might want to hire an accounting firm to do all of your bookkeeping for you. It may not be much but an accounting firm can really help you a lot in these kinds of situation.

Remember that the goal of any investment is in preparation for future expenditures, so save the money you got from the investments you made and use it for the appropriate time you had planned. Do not be tempted to spend your accumulated income on trivial things because you will have wasted your money on less important matters and you’ll end up not having enough money for the one thing you’ve planned for.

The remedy to your financial problems and obligations to the government may depend totally on how you handle your bookkeeping. But what is it gets too entangled and it’s more than you can handle? Then maybe it’s time you called in an Accountant Toronto to take over and file your federal income tax properly. Check out their website at for consultation and assistance regarding your bookkeeping and accounting needs.


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