How to Blog Comment – What Makes For Good Blog Comments?

Blog commenting can be a powerful marketing tool and a quick way to get some very targeted and valuable traffic back to your website. This article will explain how to blog comment and what makes for good blog comments.

The first thing to understand is what is blog commenting? One of the neat things which makes a blog what it is is the inclusion of a comment section below every post. This gives a blog’s readers a chance to weigh in with their thoughts as they relate to that post. You can also more closely interact with the blog owner themselves through blog commenting.

Commenting on another blog is simple enough; after reading the post you go below the post and enter your comment in the comment box, include your website’s URL in the appropriate box, then click “submit”. If someone likes your comment, they can usually click on your username to visit your website.

Of course getting the attention of other readers isn’t the only benefit. The blog owner themselves may like your comment and ask you to make a guest blog post of your own on their site. That’s the best case scenario as guest blogging puts your content, name, and links to your website in front of an entirely new audience.

Bear in mind that it’s important that you stick to blogs within your niche when commenting for marketing purposes.

You’re just wasting your time if you try to comment on a blog which has nothing to do with your site because when people see your comment and like it and even click through to visit your site, they’ll leave right away when they find that it has absolutely nothing to do with what the blog you commented on’s niche.

So, what makes for good blog comments? It’s a very simple process actually and I’ll explain why in a moment.

Step One – Read the post, think of what you liked about it and most importantly what you think the writer left out.

Step Two – Elaborate on these points in your post. More substance/longer posts are better than short posts.

Step Three – Read and edit your post accordingly.

Step Four – Publish with a link to your site where they allow you to include one.

It may not seem like much, but these days people spam comment sections so frequently that when someone comes along and leaves an actual post of real insight, it’s completely refreshing and surprisingly.

Want more tips on what makes for good blog comments? Click on this link for how to blog comment and I’ll teach you how to take charge of someone ELSE’s comment thread to really turn some heads.

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