How to Captivate Your Reader Beyond the Blog Headline

Wouldn’t it be a pisser if after crafting a killer headline, your reader’s bailed from your blog because your opening content failed to captivate their attention?

A stunning headline followed by an opening that can’t carry the momentum is like getting your dream girl to agree to go to prom with you only to get denied by her overprotective father.

So, here are 5 sure-fire ways to follow-up a killer headline:

1. Ask a Question

Asking questions to your reader’s creates a burning desire to know the answer. This creates the type of curiosity that persuades them to continue to consume your content beyond the headline.

2. Share a Captivating Quote

A killer quote can reel in readers just about better than anything else. When you are battling for your reader’s attention, getting their heart pumping with an inspirational quote can compel them to continue reading.

3. Paint a Picture

Using words that stir up your reader’s emotionally keeps the momentum of your post flowing. The more you can excite the imagination of your reader’s the better chances they will stick around to see your call to action, post a comment, or subscribe to your newsletter.

4. Story’s Sell

Your blog headline is what hook’s your reader to check out your stuff. But if you follow-up content bombs, your reader’s will flee faster than water though a bucket with a bullet hole in it.

Using a well-crafted story in your content practically Seduces Your Readers into finding out how the story ends. The truth is, there is only so much stuff your reader’s will retain. To increase your chances your reader’s will remember your last wisdom bomb, writing a story can keep your content fresh inside your readers memory bank.

5. State a Stunning Statistic

Did you know that 77% of Internet users read blogs according to Universal McCann? To get more of these internet user’s checking out your stuff, you are going to need to do more than just bang out a brilliant headline.

Finding a fascinating stat can work wonders when you are trying to write attention grabbing content for your blog.

Doing some digging around on Google or Technorati are powerful places to get attention grabbing stat’s your reader’s will love. Just remember that if your headline bombs and fails to captivate your readers attention there is little or no chance for your blog post to get read.

Jesse Huber specializes in producing compelling content for blogger’s and online business builders on his Online Marketing Blog.

So what your thoughts on blog headlines? Feel free to stop by my blog and drop your best wisdom bomb in the comment section.

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