Seven Strategies for Writing a Successful Blog

On February 16th, 2011, over 156 million blogs were reported to be in existence on the worldwide web. Within these blogs, you will find any topic you could ever dream of being covered and there’s a wide variety of different types of blogs including art blogs, photo blogs, video blogs (vlogs), MP3 blogs, audio blogs (podcasting), and microblogs (short blog posts). Out of the millions of blogs in existence on the web, how many are actually worth reading though and what ultimately makes a great blogger?

If you are just setting out on your blog journey or you are looking to improve your blogging skills, check out this list of unique characteristics that lay the groundwork for a successful and readable blog.

1. Passion – Your readers will be able to smell your passion from a mile away. If you’re not passionate about a certain subject, don’t blog about it as your lack of interest will be clearly self evident in your writing. In turn, your readers will quickly lose interest.

2. Experience – A great blog offers insightful content, but if you lack experience in the area you are writing about, you are going to have a hard time offering relevant insight.

3. Uniqueness – Your blog must be completely unique as compared to others to captivate your target audience. Great bloggers stand out in the massive array of blogs and speak with a one-of-a-kind voice that echoes through the virtual halls. If your opinion differs from that of many potential readers, don’t let that hold you back! Your readers may disagree with you, but this can open some great dialogue between you and them and your distinct thoughts will be remembered.

4. Understanding – Your blog should speak to its readers, and in order to do this you need to understand your audience. Ask yourself – What types of people will be reading my blog? What purpose will my blog serve for them?

5. First Sentence – The opening line of your blog post sets the tone of the rest of your post and draws your readers in. Spend some time crafting that first sentence as it gives the first impression of your post and you want that impression to be a great one.

6. Edit – You may be writing the most fascinating blog post ever to exist, but no one wants to read a post mixed with misspelled words, incorrect grammar usage, and disorganized thoughts. Personally, I stop reading a post if there are too many carelessly misspelled words and too many acronyms. When a blog post is filled to the brim with these errors, your readers stop enjoying the read and have to instead re-direct their energy into deciphering your post.

7. Headline – Don’t base your post off a genius headline you’ve crafted as this can lead to a writer desperately trying to write content that lives up to the greatness of the headline. It should be the other way around. Your headline should feed off the superior content of your post.

Jeremy Miller is the owner of Bugon Website Services and has helped companies from small start ups to multi-million dollar corporate businesses to increase their website marketing presence on the worldwide web in an effort to captivate their target audience. If you want to take your blogging to the next level, we will offer critical strategies as well as blog marketing services to help you in an SEO friendly manner to get your blog listed with the most popular blog directories and fed through more RSS feeds. Let us work with you today to build your online blog presence!

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