Email Marketing Tips – Giving Away Freebies

Email Marketing Tips7 email marketing tips about setting up and giving away freebies. If you’re prepared you can set up your business to attract visitors who learn to respect you, like you and prepare to buy from you. All as part of your personal email marketing tipssetup!

1. Presence.

Giving a gift shows off your Internet presence. Your first impression is positive. In fact, you start off being seen as part of the group of people who really know what they are doing. Your visitor starts from a position of respect.

2. Leadership.

Leaders take action. Your simple act of giving freebies of value gives the feeling that you are a leader who can help. Relevant content that helps people take the next step in solving a problem gives a positive perception of your leadership. Leaders are valued and respected.

3. Relationship.

When you are giving away freebies, your visitor must act to get your free gift. At the very least, your visitor needs to click to request the free gift. That click is an action requesting a relationship. Indeed, that action opens a conversation. Starting a relationship in this way changes the dynamic. First impressions linger, right? Use that!

4. Expert.

The dynamic of a relationship you ask for sets you up as the seeker. Your seekers set you in mind as an expert. You start out in a good way because experts are respected. You are pursued as an expert. That’s a totally different mindset than you as a salesperson that someone may feel is chasing them. Some people refer to this as being “the hunted” rather than “the hunter” to emphasize the importance of this different dynamic.

5. Sample.

Just as bakeries and coffee shops give away freebies, you give an idea of who you are and what you “taste” like.

6. Like.

People like free gifts. When you’re giving away freebies, people start out with a feeling of liking you.

7. Asset.

Relevant free gifts that get people closer to solving problems leave good feelings. Being remembered, liked and respected in this way is an asset you can even list as an asset on your business’ balance sheet. Email marketing tips include showing off you presence and leadership to attract people to you who know what you do and want to know more. People who already see you as an expert! People buy from people they like, trust and respect. Giving away freebies helps people take their next step in solving a problem and prepares the way to buy from you through your email marketing efforts.

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