Internet Marketing Techniques – 3 Ways to Drive Customers to Your Website

There’s something remarkably easy about building your business online, but there are a few requirements that you have as an online business that are quite different from a brick and mortar business on Main Street. Most of these requirements make it quite a lot easier to build your business online using a laser targeted buying market of people who are hungry for what you offer. They need what you have, because they’re looking for the success you’ve found and are willing to share.

ACE Writers Generate Positive Cash Flow Articles & Info Products

Writing for profit means creating The #1 Article in a line up of keyword optimized articles that not only GRABS attention from the search engine, but holds the attention of the reader and captivates the click throughs required to drive buying traffic to your website. An ace writer often sets out to accomplish a writer goal, meets or surpasses that goal and achieves monetary value from the professionalism of his writing efforts. Is it a given? Can ALL Ace Writers make a profit? Usually, yes, because they follow key principles that put their writing in the hands of readers – more often than not at personal profit.


  • Well written articles with a highly responsive call to action resource box.
  • On topic, keyword optimized value driven copy with a purposeful message.
  • High-Quality titles, subtitles and sub-headers with reader based content.
  • Bullet point paced content that gives more information than the reader expects.
  • Results based, solution content with effective answers for the reader.


These ace writer tactics are learned as you create high-quality reader driven articles that drive traffic to your website. The process doesn’t come naturally, but it does come with dedicated consistent efforts to learn more about your writing for profit needs.

Pay Per Click Ads & Info Product Presentation

Most every internet marketer understands that traffic is a must, grabbing traffic as they flow through your site to build your marketing list is also a requirement. Thus… the free product becomes an attractive item on your website.

You buy pay per click ads on a search engine, on Facebook or on some other multi-use media and set up a link to your site. On your site, you offer a sign up for an auto responder that provides your reader with instant access to your newsletter, ezine, or other email items – including your marketing letters, which invite the reader to your FREE Gift Presentation.

The Free Gift can be your ticket to marketing success.

Viral Marketing with Interactive Links to Info Product Marketing Pages

A free gift can be simply a gift to readers who have signed up, or it can be an automated viral marketing gift that your readers can pass on to their friends. Some of the most effective viral marketing includes FREE Gifts with links to a SECOND auto-responder page, where your reader can have a short report, a quick printed document, or even another E-book type info product that offers more access to your other products. After the second product, they don’t have to be free. Although, many Internet Marketers are finding that they can give away a lot of FREE Product and STILL make their first million online in a relatively short amount of time.

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