Paid Internet Traffic For Your Business Without The Gridlock

Traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business. With a constant stream of targeted traffic you will generate leads and make money. If, however, your traffic dries up then you will struggle to make money online. Traffic is critical to everything and this article provides an overview. This article is about methods of paid traffic and should be viewed as a starting point. The subject of traffic generation is huge and constantly changing. Here will provide an overview of the well-used methods. I will warn you in advance though that you will need to go into further detail into each one to become a real master. Paid traffic offers you the opportunity to get instant traffic albeit at a cost. This can be extremely targeted and therefore the cost may be worth it.


Pay-per-click traffic (or PPC as it’s known in the trade) is a method where you pay each time someone clicks on one of your links. The aim is that you will get more income from buyers (people who click through your link and make a purchase) than the cost of your clicks. To give you an example if you had a 1% conversion rate you would need 100 people to click on your link to get a single buyer. To make money you would need to make sure that a single sale earned you more than 100 times the cost per click. PPC involves testing campaigns and tuning them so that the maths works but there is no doubt that they can be extremely lucrative when optimised. Google, Yahoo and Bing offer PPC style advertising so you can check them out here. Be warned though; start any campaign with a small amount of money. If you get a PPC campaign wrong it can eat your money away very quickly, especially if you don’t make the right number of sales to breakeven. It is also worth checking out Facebook ads which are another great way to do PPC.


An alternative to PPC is cost per thousand impressions (CPM) which is where you pay per 1000 impressions, or displays of your ad. Here you need to understand how you convert against the number of times your ad is displayed (the number of impressions) to workout your breakeven point. Facebook offers this as an alternative to PPC.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising allows you to put banners on specific sites that have your targeted audience visiting them. Google offers these and will place images upon websites of your choice.


Cost per action (CPA), sometimes known as cost per acquisition, is where you pay for leads or prospects. This is a great way to help build your list. If you’re new to internet marketing this may not work for you, it is better to find someone with experience before venturing into this. Two of the largest CPA networks are Neverblue and Maxbounty is you wish to find out more though.


Another alternative approach is to use outsourcing. You can actually pay someone to manage any of the free or paid traffic source methods. You will be able to find a contractor at oDesk or eLance, or possible at fiverr for some of the more simple tasks. As for PPC you need to understand how many leads and sales you expect to make and weigh this up against the cost of doing it.

Ezine Advertising

You can advertise in ezines and place solo ads. Here you add will be sent to a targeted audience, the readers of the ezine and you pay a one-off fee for the listing. This is similar to a JV approach in that you are using the list of the ezine in exchange for paying for the advert.

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