Basics of Getting a Better Search Results for Your Website

Optimization of a website, or a single web page, for search engines is a practice that is becoming increasingly popular. It is important for your website to appear at the top of the search results because only then you will have more visitors to your website. It could bring a massive change to the success of your business.

The positioning of a website on search engines (but it would be better to say “on Google”, which is the best search engine) is a step that must be tackled with extreme delicacy. Any mistake can change the conception of your website and you will have to pay dearly for it. Also, if you use illegal or unfair means to create your website, you might be charged with a ban or worse your website may disappear from the search engine listings. To bring such a situation under control is not impossible, however, a lot of valuable time could be wasted in doing so and could also lead to considerable financial loss. It might also damage your reputation and your brand, if you use the Web as a tool to market your products and services.

How do you then make sure that your site is indexed better by Google?

I will try to give an answer starting with the basics and gradually analyzing the main factors that may affect your work.

Let me be clear, I do not know of any tricks to help you get your website to the top of the search engine, but rather I will explain the basic precautions (or to use a fashionable term “best practices”) that can improve the positioning of your site. There are lot people who do a great job in making a website with decent content but they are not accorded with the due credit and their web sites lack visitors and most of the time it is due to some little things which they might have overlooked. I will try to be explain things in a nutshell for those not well versed in these issues, without trying to kill anyone with boredom.

So here are the different best practices that I intend to share:


  1. Your website’s name: It’s the most important factor. The name should be such that it will attract the interest of the people. Besides it should be relevant to the content of your website so that the search engine will show it in its results when people search for anything related to the subject matter of your website.
  2. Web hosting service: as crazy as it might sound, your web hosting company does play an important role in the search results. If the company shows too many ads in their site with pop ups, there is a possibility that the search engine will show your website at the bottom of the website.
  3. The content of the website: The material written in your website should have key words related to the content of your website so that when people search for anything related to it, they will find your website.


These are the basic rules to follow while creating a website for better search results.

This is Tanveer Masood. I am a freelance writer based in Bangalore, India. I like to write articles on several topics.

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