Better Search Engine Placement Through Social Media

The strategies in this article will help you get better search engine placement through social media and content sharing. So many people don’t understand how to use social media to improve their position in Google and increase their monthly income.

You are about to find out the simple methods you can use today to get higher search engine rankings for your blog. You will find out why using social media the right way will bring you free, organic traffic for many years to come.

Most people fail when using social media because they are promoting their business online. This means that everyday they must post links to drive traffic to their website. Google doesn’t give any value to those replicated website as they are not optimized for Google.

Because they don’t hold any value the only way to drive traffic to them is to post links everywhere they can. You are about to learn how to achieve better search engine placement from using a blog and social media.

This list will show you how to improve you rank and hold that position so that you get a steady flow of traffic even if you don’t do anything for a few weeks.


  • The very first thing you must do is drop the replicated website and setup a blog. Google loves blogs and puts a higher value on a blog than a website as it is always updated.
  • Once your blog is setup and you are adding content you need to share that content with people. One of the easiest ways is to post in groups on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Now you need to syndicate your content with other bloggers within your niche. This will improve the amount of blog backlinks coming into your site.
  • Write articles that link back to your different blog posts and this will help push them up the rankings.

Because Google loves blogs you can spend some time doing keyword research you can achieve a top position on page 1 of the search engine. This is where your posting in the groups comes into play. When add a link to your recently blog post in a group that is a backlink from a high authoritative site.

As you increase the backlinks to the blog post Google will push that post further up the search rankings. Once it’s there it can stay there for many months and generate traffic without being touched. This will not happen with a replicated company website and that’s why you need a blog that is optimized for Google.

As your articles get published and shared Google starts to see that you are an expert in your niche so will keep pushing your posts further up the rankings.

The bottom line is this; you want to set your business up so that you can walk away from it and it will still generate you a ton of traffic. You don’t want to spend you days posting links to sites that will not generate any traffic, you want to post to a site that’s yours and will secure your financial freedom.

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