Search Engine Marketing Tips – Get Google to Index Your Site

Search Engine Marketing can be a boon to small time players. One can achieve what a big marketer with a deep pocket can achieve through proper Search Engine Marketing. There are lot of gurus telling you what to do to cheat your way in to the first page of google. Lets face it, Google is smarter than everyone else and that is why Google is the most powerful Online Company ever. There will be cases where someone ranked their website on top through wrong means, but they cannot stay there for ever. It is important to do proper Keyword Analysis before starting off with SEM and to to do your keyword analysis well you need some tools if you don’t want to buy any tools then you can use the free and powerful Google keyword tool, (Learn how to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool )

Search Engine Marketing – Why SEM

Search Engine Marketing

In the above picture for a search result there are sponsored advertisers on the top and at the right hand side, and for getting that spot, they pay Google. It might cost a lot for certain keywords, you may even end up paying google 5 – 20 dollars per visitor. However, just below these paid ads there are websites which will get a lot of visitors without paying anything to Google. Proper Search Engine Marketing will get your website the first page of Google.

Search Engine Marketing – How to get your website Listed in Search Engines

All top major search engines will index your site naturally without doing anything. However if you want that to happen soon then you have an option for submitting your website. You can submit your website to major search engines through the following links

1) Submit to Google Search Engine through:
2) Submit to Yahoo Search Engine through:
3) Submit to Bing Search Engine thorugh:

Search Engine Marketing – Get your site Indexed in Google

Google plays a very important role in online marketing, because 66% of people who search online use Google. So even if you rank number 1 in all the other search engines put together, you cannot compete with someone who is ranking in the top of google search engine. So it is extremely important to get indexed in Google.

Get Indexed in Google – 5 Step Strategy

1) Google has the most dynamic search algorithm, they keep updating it regularly to give the users best possible experience, so if you cannot offer good value to your visitors then it is absolutely not possible to rank in the top of Google. So focus on your content.

2) Use the H1, H2, and H3 tags correctly. For those who don’t know what these tags are, these tags are the heading tags in a webpage, use should use them for Topics, Sub-Topics and pointers. This make the page easy to read for the visitors so Google gives importance to correct usage of these tags

3) Internal Navigation: Your site should be easy to navigate, with proper categories and menu bars. You should also have a good sitemap built (Preferably in xml).

4) Your site should not be focused solely on selling something or full of ads. Google don’t mind placing ads in your website, but it should not be over done. Don’t use too many affiliate links in your site.

5) Once all the above are taken care of, the next and most important thing is off page SEO. The above 4 are pre-requisites for getting your website to the top, however the most important factor that can take your website to the number 1 position in Google search is Off Page SEO, you need build backlinks to your site. Backlinks will grow organically when someone finds your content useful and give a link back to your site, but you should also be proactive in getting backlinks, and building Link Wheels and Link Pyramids. It is a time consuming process if you do it manually, but if you use some tools, you can do the entire thing in a matter of few clicks. Rank Builder is one of the best SEO Tools available, check How to use Rank Builder to Get Your Site Indexed by Google.

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