Traffic Generation Tips – What Is The Fastest And Cheapest Way To Drive Traffic To A Site?

Detailed study of few tips will help us understand the fastest and cheapest method to drive traffic to the website.

Join Online Forums

– This is one of the effective tips that can help in generating traffic. By joining forums that are related to the niche of the site, you can promote your products or services easily. After joining the forums try to spend some time in online discussions. Do not post your comments on the messages of other members and do not fix your site link in the signature line as it creates a negative effect.

Trade links

– This is one of the most interesting stuff of traffic generation by which you can easily attract traffic without any investment. First you have to search for websites that are related to the niche of your site. After that, you can ask the site owners or webmasters to exchange website links. By creating an innovative, content-driven site, you can convince thousands of website owners for link exchange. Be careful while selecting a suitable partner for commercial links. If you share links with fraud sites it will jeopardizes your business. By doing this you can easily increase the chances of generating significant amount of website traffic.

Article marketing

– If you are a writer or have a passion for writing then this method is easy for you. After writing articles, you can submit it to free article directories which help to drive more traffic to the site. You have to write unique content which is informative and related to the business which you want to promote using your website. Also you have to include the URL of your website at the bottom of article while publishing.


– This is another tip for generating immense traffic that has benefited many internet marketers worldwide. You can post links that contain information related to products or services of your website. Theme and content of the blog must be related to the business which you want to promote and the content must also give an exact idea to the reader about the aim of the blog. At the end of all your blog entries, add a link to your website which directs the reader easily to your site.

After analyzing these above mentioned traffic generation tips we can say that article marketing is the cheapest and fastest way to drive traffic to a site. This can be really easy if done the right way. In fact anyone can do this provided they have the knowledge and zeal to do it.

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