Using Facebook to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Marketing gurus agree that Facebook has great potential to increase traffic to your website. If you take the time and energy required, you can take advantage of the viral nature of social media and make Facebook work for you. Here are some things you need to do.

Profile page: One of the most important tools is your profile page. It needs to stand out from thousands of others. Make it interesting and give enough information that people will get to know you and your area of expertise. Utilize the Wall and Photo Gallery to your advantage by building interest in yourself and your products.

Make friends: Know your potential customers and browse groups which are of interest to them. Figure out where your target audience might go online to socialize. To invite people to be your friend, type a short and simple message that tells a bit about your interests and invites them to connect with you. You may want to include your web address with your signature.

Stay active: You don’t have to be online for hours on end, but you do need to post regularly. People need to see you often to remember you and it shows commitment and gains respect. So visit profiles, participate in groups, and visit sites. Besides networking, remember to update your profile often to show you are active. You will know it’s not a waste of time when you see it increase traffic to your website.

Facebook Ads: Placing ads is an option you have with Facebook. One of the great things about Facebook ads is they can be selectively targeted based on many factors including geographical location, age, gender, interests, occupation, and groups. These ads give a lot of bang for your advertising buck.

Create a Blog

Many marketers use blogs to funnel friends from social media into customers. As you build relationships you need to drive them to your blog. Your blog needs to contain useful information that your readers will share. You should encourage participation from your readers.

The purpose of a business blog is to build your reputation as someone who has information to share and is trustworthy. You need to blog about your product and yourself. Then you need to offer something free and valuable, like a video, ebook, or report in exchange for their name and email address.

Now your Facebook friends are potential customers and they can be set up with an auto responder to receive regular emails from you. Emails need to still contain free information but around 20 percent of the content can now be sales-related. Soon they will be clicking through to your website and that will increase traffic and sales.

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