Article Marketing Vs Video Marketing – Most Effective Internet Marketing Tool?

Video marketing is a great way to get your message to a wide audience on the internet, but is it any more effective or easier to do than article marketing?

Those marketers who prefer video will probably argue it is quicker to produce than a well written article, as well as the fact that the search engines really love video. It is quite easy to put together a video and most people will have access to a digital camera, webcam or phone that can capture good quality video images.

Once you have shot your masterpiece then it is fairly straightforward to upload it to YouTube or a similar video sharing website, so in theory you could produce a lot of videos in a very short period of time. Where as writing a good quality article that will grab the attention of the reader can be a long drawn out task as any seasoned writer will tell you. But is it really any easier to produce a good quality video, after all you will probably need to start your idea off with a basic script which requires some writing skills. Your spoken word or voice over of a presentation will still need good relevant content to get attention, unless you are already comfortable with appearing in your own videos then you will probably want to have a few practise runs first.

After shooting your video you might also want to spend some additional time on editing, adding titles and music to give it a professional look. Of course articles can also take many hours or even days to write too, if you get writers block, then sometimes longer. Before you publish you will need to check punctuation and spelling as well as making sure the article flows well and gets your message across in the best possible way. Once you have submitted your article to a publisher or ezine it will then need to go through their approval process, this can take several days and there is always the possibility it will be rejected and need editing before being re submitted.

So both methods of marketing can involve a lot of hard work to be really effective in promoting your home business opportunity. Your first attempts at video marketing or article marketing might not be the greatest to be seen on the internet, but with practise, each attempt should get better. For many of us this will mean stepping out of our comfort zone, whichever method we choose. Of course it probably makes sense to start with the one you feel more comfortable with and the one you enjoy doing the most. Your priority should be to get as much good content out on the internet in the shortest time, this way you will get to market your chosen opportunity in the best possible way.

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