Start an Online Business in 10 mintues; Part I

Chapter 1: Everything about getting started with Adsense

Simple and the most effective way to start your business online with very limited resources, is through Adsense. By now you should know what adsense is. Unlike a couple of years before it is not difficult to get an adsense account.

This step by step guide to get about adsense will teach you how to start off with adsense without any investment and how to take your business to a 6 figure monthly income.

Step 1: Pick your keywords – select your area of interest.

For example:

Main keyword: Weight Loss

Target keyword: Natural Weight Loss

Step 2: If you don’t have a google account, then create one. Then open and sign in with your google account. There are many other free web 2.0 sites that allow you to earn money and host your content for free like but it is important to start off with blogger.

Why Blogger?

This is because for any keyword that has a web 2.0 site in the top 10 organic results, 75% if the time it is blogspot and not any other web 2.0 sites like hubpages, squidoo and so on. So don’t even consider the other web 2.0 sites.

Step 3: Create a new blog

Blog Title – Something interesting including your target keyword phrase (something like Natural Weight Loss)

Blog address: Use your keyword phrase, in the following order:



3) (replace blog with anything you like: news, info, reviews,


Enter the capcha and continue

Step 4: Choose a simple and pleasant theme

Step 5: The most important of all. It is a well-known phrase that “Content is King”. You need to blog about the title that you chose. You can either write 4-5 good articles and post them one article a day. Else you can outsource it and ask a third party to write for you. Since we are focused on starting a business without any investment or money, it is better to write it yourself.

Step 6: Simple but very important. Create a “contact me”, “privacy policy” and “Terms of Service” page to your blog. Take idea from other major sites to formulate these pages.

Step 7: If you have a google Adsense account then integrate it with blogger and place your ads, else you can apply for one

It is a no brainer, when you log in in the top tabs there will be a tab named “Monetize”. Click on it, you can apply for a new adsense account or integrate you adsense and can place ads right away.

The advantages of blogger:

For a keyword that has a web 2.0 platform in the top 10 organic results, it’s almost 3 times more likely to be than anything else!

Blogger is also simple to use, free, and doesn’t require any web coding or HTML skills.

  • No hosting
  • No domains
  • No revenue sharing

Unlike squidoo and hubpages, who take a big chunk of your adsense income and keep it to themselves, with blogger you keep 100% of your adsense income!


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