Internet Marketing – Bust the Myths and Achieve your Goals

Internet Marketing: 97% of people who try out Internet Marketing fail in their pursuit. This is not an exaggerated figure but based on actual studies, Success or failure is relative, but we are taking about those who cannot make their ends meet through Internet Marketing. If you consider yourself as one of them, then keep reading. The reality is the other 3% of the marketers are making huge money and consistently make more than a six figure income every month.

For newbie marketers will come across some myths about Internet Marketing.

Myth 1 – Anyone Can Make Money on Internet

The fact is it is totally false. If anyone can make money then everyone will make money, why would anyone leave an opportunity to make money?  The reason for this is the internet is flooded with such advertisements and opinions by Gurus who are just marketing and selling their stuff.  The sales page and graphics makes it sound so simple and easy-going to ‘Get Rich Quick’. This concept work very well with the newbies, the testimonies, and the picture of a house, cars and other luxury items will make it very convincing for the newbies and they fall for the trap. The fact is unless you have a clear plan and put in concrete efforts you will not make a single penny online.

Myth 2 – Internet Marketing – It’s for useless and lazy people

This is the single biggest hurdle for many aspiring Internet Marketers. People Internet marketers as lazy and doing a very easy job. Contrary to what people think, Internet Marketers are the people who create their own destiny with awesome talent and planning.  It is not an easy job I have seen hundreds of people trying and failing; only the best survive and thrive. But once you know what you are up to, then everything becomes easy.

Myth 3 – Income through Internet is overhyped

Let us check the reality here; can you name one company which became the one of the most powerful companies in the world in any other sector? But Internet is the only place where giant companies are made within a decade. Be it ebay, amazon, yahoo, google or facebook (there are 1000s of other big companies) all these companies started without a big investment and grew like a monster within a decade.  If someone wants to be become a millionaire without inheriting anything from his father then the most feasible option is to get in to a business based on internet.

Myth 4 – It is very late to start an internet Business

That is a pessimistic view, the fact is with a proper guide you can set up an online business right away in less than 6 hours and start earning from tomorrow. However if you want to make a living out of it and grow the business, then you need put in lot of efforts and money. All the major players of internet marketing are the ones who spend a lot in advertising, getting the right tools and outsourcing.

P.S:  If you don’t have it in you to face the fight in internet marketing then this is the right time to get in to mobile marketing. Mobile Marketing is still raw and the hottest new trend in marketing. The market is quite huge, but the competition is less, so create mobile apps/mobile based website is the way to go.

Newbies who want to start an internet marketing business can enroll here for a free one on one course and training in setting up of websites.  Please fill in the time that you can spend per day and your ambition in the message box before submitting.

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