3 Steps to a More Profitable AdSense Website

It seems that every man and his dog wants to make money using Google AdSense. What’s more, it seems that every new webmaster who dares venture into this territory does so with easily achievable profits in mind.

The one thing that we always have to remember about Google AdSense is that it’s a lot like any other monetization strategy: it takes a fair share of failures, a large sum of trial and error, to get it right.

The biggest danger that a lot of webmasters face, particularly webmasters who are new to the process of monetizing a website using Google AdSense, is relying solely on the medium to profit from their web presence.

Google AdSense should be merely one monetization strategy in a collection of monetization strategies for a blog or website – what’s more, it should not be the sole reason for your website’s existence.

However, in this article I will go into more depth on a few steps you can take to potentially improve the AdSense earnings you generate from your blog or website.

#1: Increase the Prominence of Your Ad Units:

The simplest way to improve your existing AdSense earnings is to focus on increasing the prominence of the Ad Units which currently feature on pages throughout your website.

The simplest way to achieve this is to raise the Ad Units above the fold of your site, and make them one of the focal points of your landing pages.

Many webmasters focus heavily on integrating AdSense ads into their content without ever considering where, rather than how, these Ads should be placed.

The best position for your Ad Units is obviously above the fold of your website.

#2 Integrate Your Ads into Your Content

It’s really simple to try and make your AdSense Ads stand out from the rest of your content – however, this is also one of the biggest makes new AdSense developers make when launching a new web presence.

It’s quite simple really, all you have to do is ask yourself whether or not you would be more inclined to click on an Ad because it is highlighted a bright shade of orange? The answer is typically no.

You should always be more focused on trying to integrate your Ads as opposed to making them stand out. Not only will this benefit your click-through rate, but it’s also likely to result in superior clicks, clicks which are more likely to convert, for advertisers.

#3 Consider The Number of Ad Units you place on a page

Web users don’t typically respond very well to “Ad Farms.”

You have to begin looking at your website as one of your users looks at it – you have to ask the question: would the proliferation of Ads on this page in any way detract from the user experience?

If the answer is yes, then you should potentially reconsider positioning Ads on the page.

When it comes to Google AdSense, less is typically more. Users are becoming increasingly attuned to Ads on the web – they know what they look like and in many cases, they are subjected to “Ad Blindness.”

Again, the ultimate aim should always be to integrate, rather than emphasise, and advertisement.

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