Chapter 2 – Getting Ready For Your AdSense Account

The first step in the preparation process is to have your initial website properly prepared. Please pay attention to the word “properly.” Google has very definite guidelines for websites so reviewing their Terms of Service is crucial to being accepted into the program. If your website does not fall within their established guidelines it will be unceremoniously rejected.

Look specifically for Google’s Program Policies. One item of importance is that Google only accepts completed websites. You are not allowed to have any pages “Under Construction.” Furthermore, check all your links and graphics making sure that all hyperlinks and source links are functioning as they should. Broken links can be a cause for rejecting your website.

Google also has a set of Quality Guidelines to which you must adhere in order to gain an approval. The Quality Guidelines and Program Policies lay forth exactly what is expected regarding your website’s content and other qualifications for membership into Google AdSense. All of these are easily accessible on the Google AdSense website. Granted not many people enjoy reading anyone’s terms of service and policies, but in the case of AdSense it is a necessity.

Second, you need to decide whether you’re signing up as an individual or business. The revenue you generate is taxable and you are advised to seek the counsel of an accountant in making this decision. Google asks whether you are registering as an individual or business.

Third, you need to open a checking account. In the application process Google will ask for information on where they can send your commission checks. It is advised that once you have your AdSense account setup that you switch to automatic deposit.

Once you have taken these three steps you are ready to make your request for a Google AdSense account. One mistake that so many aspiring AdSense publishers make is that they do not read the Terms of Service. Google is very specific about the requirements and they are very diligent in seeing that they are obeyed. If you’re sloppy in the application process and after, you’re experience with AdSense will be very unfulfilling. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to generate income because of laziness or a nonchalant attitude.

Your approval is based only on the initial website submission. After you are approved you can submit as many websites as you like on a variety of topics. This does not mean that you can publish websites contrary to Google’s Terms and Service, but you are given a little more latitude in publishing your websites.

Maybe you don’t have a website but you wish to have an account. If this is the case Google allows you to sign up for a free blog at the company owned website, allowing you to use this for your website submission. For an easy approval it is suggested that you take this route. Once you are approved then you can begin submitting your other websites.

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