Five Top Tips For Your First Cost Per Click/Pay Per Click Campaign

Below, we take a look at our top five tips when it comes to starting your first cost per click campaign.

Research Your Competition – If this is your first campaign or even one of your first ones and you are struggling to work out what makes a good advert then check out what your competitors are doing. Simply type in your keyword or phrase and check out the sponsored results returned, looking at the top five and then making notes about what you like and what you could do better. Because AdWords is getting more and more competitive, you need to make sure that your advert stands out from the rest and you can do this by checking out what your closest rivals are doing.

Set A Realistic Budget – Like any form of marketing, if you don’t spend a realistic level of money then your returns are going to be poor. Cost Per Click advertising can be expensive, so make sure that you set aside enough of your overall budget just to spend on a good AdWords campaign and also be prepared to have a couple of poor results, because you will be constantly improving the campaign so can expect it to get better over time.

Manually Choose Your Keywords – Quite a few people make the critical mistake of just chucking all the keywords that Google suggests into your campaign and although the system does bring up some crackers, you do have to bear in mind that it is automated so therefore will not be totally accurate for your needs. Write down a list of keywords that you want to start bidding on and then add them into your campaign. Keep checking back every few days for suggestions, but as we mention, manually check every keyword you add to make sure you won’t be wasting your money.

Don’t Over Complicate Matters – When you first set up your campaign you will be given loads of advice about how to match keywords, add conversions and many other amazing things that in the long run you should be doing, but when you first start you cannot possibly think about. Just make sure you get your budget right, your advert right and your keywords right and then start playing around with the excellent features that can help to improve your campaign.

Have A Little…. Patience!! – In the words of the famous song, you really do need to have a little bit of patience when it comes to operating a decent cost per click campaign. You have two choices, you can rush in, get top for everything, spend a shed load of money and then hope for some sales or you can sit back, plan your campaign, manage your bidding and adverts and then work out which were best for you. The latter is the one we would hope any client or customer would choose, but this does take time and doesn’t happen overnight as you need Google to feed you back the information you need to then start creeping up the results without paying mega money.

Running a successful PPC campaign will not happen on your first go. It takes a long time to really get to grips with the system and understand all the different variations that can affect your advert and its placing.

AdWords is something that you need to really work at and keep trying out new adverts and keywords to really find what works for you. What works for one company might not necessarily work for the next, so it’s important to base your campaign on your needs and experiences and not on what worked for someone you know.

Ian Spencer works for Clear Web Services, a SEO Web Optimisation and Web Design company serving the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire and South Wales. He has worked in the SEO and Internet Marketing world for many years, and working in partnership with another company has launched the new SEO business. For More Information, please call 01594 835 857 or email

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