Google AdSense Tips – 7 Powerful Ways How to Improve Your Google AdSense Click Through Rate (CTR)

Increasing your Google AdSense click through rate can have such a massive positive impact on how much your site earns so if you have a website which currently has a very low click through rate then your going to want to pay close attention in this article.

These are 7 effective ways how you can improve your click through rate:

Tip 1 – Use the default Google blue colour for the title of your ads

When you set up your ads make sure you always select the default Google blue colour. Even if your sites theme is a different colour still use blue because people on the internet have been conditioned for years to click on links which are (blue) if you start using red, yellow and green etc your CTR may drop.

Tip 2 – Reduce the options on your page

You need to make sure your site is clean and organized without all the clutter. If you have lots of other distractions on your site then your CTR will plummet and you will lose a lot of revenue. All you need is your content, ads, header and if you want to include any widgets in the sidebar then recent posts, pages or categories will be OK to use.

Tip 3 – Experiment with ad positions

Most of the time the 336×280 block and a 160×600 sidebar ad block will nearly always work very well how ever there’s no harm in still testing to see if you can squeeze out even more profits from your AdSense site

Tip 4 – Don’t use images in your content

Images will effect your CTR on your sites because they attract attention so you will end up getting less clicks and making less money. Basically do not use any images if you want to maximize your sites AdSense income.

Tip 5 – Never use borders with your ads

Do not ever use borders in your ads this is an absolute terrible mistake to make. Borders make them look like obvious ads and will again reduce your CTR by a lot. Instead select your page background colour for your ad border colour so it blends in.

Tip 6 – Ads above the fold

AdSense ads that are above the fold will get many more clicks so always put at least 2 type of ads above the fold. The fold is basically anywhere you can see before you scroll down the page.

Tip 7 – Make sure your content has relevant keywords

If you do not have relevant keywords within your content then you will not trigger the correct type of ads for your site so that means you may not get the best type and most relevant ads which will end up giving you a very low CTR. Good unique, quality content which is keyword rich and relevant to the type of ads that you want to be visible on your site.

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