Google AdSense Tips – How to Earn More From AdSense Monthly

Google AdSense is a very reliable monetization program, they work with their advertisement program called Google AdWords and they are both owned by Google, one of the biggest company on the internet. The AdWords program is meant for advertisers who want to advertise their products, they create adverts and then Google charges them a certain amount of money. Google will need to show these adverts, so they show them on their search engine and on websites and blogs of their affiliates. So if you have a website with informative content, you can register for free with Google AdSense and then get their advert code to add to your website, this way your visitors can see these adverts and then click on them for more information, a major advantage of these adverts is that they are generated based on your website or blog content.

Also note that some advertisers are paying more for some keywords, so if you target these expensive keywords, Google will also pay you more, some of these adverts can earn you up to $3 per click, while the cheap keywords can pay you $0.20 or even less per click. Now you have a choice whether to use the high paying adverts or not, to get these expensive adverts, you must include high paying keywords in you website content. You can also use a free tool called keyword tool external, you can enter your niche major keyword into a space provided for you and then click on search, a list of keywords will show up with their monthly search volume, then you can now select estimated cost per click, this way you will see the amount of money advertisers are paying for certain keywords. If you use these keywords to write your website content, automatically you adverts will become high paying adverts.

If you also want to earn more from this business you will need to provide more information for you visitors, by this I mean you should create websites or blogs with multiple pages, it could be hundreds or even thousands of website pages. The more pages you have, the more click through ratio you will get. Also include an auto responder form on your website or blog, this way you can send free information to your subscribers and inks to your website updates, but if you do not have money to buy an auto responder you can use a free tool owned by Google for your blogs, it is called feed burner, this way your visitors can subscribe to your blog and when ever you create a new post, this software will send the full article to your subscribers immediately.

Also when using AdSense to monetize your website or blog, make sure you do not use too much adverts, they only allow a maximum of 3 image ads and 3 link ads on a page, if you have more than this, you account can be banned. Also where you place your advert is very important, you should always use a full seized banner advert at the top of your website. Also make sure your advert color is moderate.

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