How Do You Do Research With The Google AdWords Keyword Tool?

Google AdWords Keyword tool is a software tool offered for free for web marketers to use in their individual marketing campaign. This is a useful keyword suggestion tool that anybody can use to have a choice of keywords appropriate for their individual use.

Although this tool is useful in the sense that you will have a list of words to choose from, it will not tell you what to do with these words. It will be up to you to build up the sentence structures or to come up with the right structured ad copy using the words as the basic foundation.

There are advantages and benefits that you can have while doing keyword research with the AdWords Keyword tool. Some features and advantages are the following:


  • AdWords Keyword tool will rule out a list of suggested keywords based on a word that users use including new keywords you intend to use. This list can help you manage your ad campaign with Google AdWords.
  • The tool will give you statistical data on performance based on keyword search volume and trends in search. It will also give you data on the cost and the ad position in the search engine.
  • The tool can be used to search for keywords or phrases based on existing words with high click through rate. This will also be of big help in the management of your AdWords ad campaign.
  • The tool also offers easy manipulation of keyword suggestions and downloads. This feature makes the tool user friendly.


There can be additional features that you can get with the Google AdWords Keyword tool knowing the advanced technology of Google and its continuous innovation efforts. You can get additional features with upgrades of this free tool.

But since only keywords and suggested word phrases are those ruled out, then it is your own responsibility to manage these. You will need another Google software tools for this, the one that offers extensive actionable data for use in the AdWords campaign.

It is possible also that your research in keywords will rule out suggested words that will be of no use to your marketing efforts. Negative keywords are these words that are of no market value to your ad campaign, and you definitely will not like your ads to show when these words are used in the search query.

You need a different tool for this for negative keyword research. This will also help you in managing your ad campaign with Google AdWords.

There are many software tools offered free through AdWords which you can use in your keyword research. You can use these tools in combination with the AdWords Keyword tool and you can achieved success.

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