How to Make Money With Google AdSense – 3 Super Tips for Creating Cash Sucking AdSense Sites

Making money with Google AdSense is a popular choice for anyone first starting out in internet marketing but unless you know how to check your keywords effectively you will be doomed for failure even before you start building your site.

This article will show you 3 things that you must check with every new AdSense site that you build.

Tip 1 – You need plenty of traffic

For every keyword and especially your main domain keyword that you check you have to make sure it gets enough demand or traffic. It is no good building a site around a keyword and ranking number 1 in Google if there is no traffic for the keyword. A good amount of traffic to go for, for your main keyword is around 1000 exact match or below and below 800 for your other internal pages

Tip 2 – Always check to see how many advertisers your keyword has

Before you choose a keyword you must check the CPC or cost per click to see whether or not the keyword has advertisers. You should always use to get an accurate figure how for how many advertisers are currently bidding on your keyword. Even if a keyword has thousands of monthly searches in Google, if says that there are no advertisers then stay clear of the keyword because you wont make any money. Also a good number of advertisers to go for is a minimum of 5.

Tip 3 – You must check page 1 of Google for competition

Another check you must always do is make sure you give page 1 of Google a good check over to make sure you can rank otherwise it does not matter how much traffic your keyword or keywords get each month if page 1 of Google is very competitive then you will be waiting a lifetime to rank and make any money from your AdSense site. You must check Google for your main keyword every single time and still check Google for your internal pages also to make sure that you can rank.

These 3 tips will definitely help you to make more money with Google AdSense and if you even forget to check one of these then you will be fighting an uphill battle from the very start. There are lots more checks that you must know and you need to carry out with every new site that you build. If you want to learn exactly how to build profitable AdSense sites then you need to watch these free videos right away.

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