How To Understand Keyword Density For Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the king of advertising serving billions of impressions a day offering the largest advertiser network, the highest number of ads and some people say it is the network that pays the most money. When you hear about online advertisement you always think of AdSense.

The secret to make money with Google AdSense is to show relevant expensive ads to the reader and make them click the ad.

1. Always write long articles with a nice keyword density. Google must see your article is really about the keywords you write and show Google you mean business writing with a keyword density between 3% and 5%. More than 5% is too much and less than 3% too little. Use a keyword tool to help you with the math.

2. Always write long articles. The higher the keyword count, not just the keyword density, the higher the chances of getting targeted and expensive ads on your pages. The ideal keyword count would be more than ten and the ideal would be twenty of more. Use a keyword tool to count the keywords for you.

3. Write about expensive subjects but remember to write only about these subjects. Google is very smart and Google will display ads on your site only if your site is the expert about the subject. You can imagine there are millions of bloggers trying to make money using just expensive topics but advertisers most of the times prefer to advertise just on searches and not on content networks. By making your site the best about that topic you prove you are worth having expensive ads.

Now once you master the ideal keyword density and count all you need is to write more and more articles. Google is hungry for content and so are Google searchers, give them the articles they are looking for and they will reward you with clicks. If your site becomes a returning visitor site, the chances of getting a click is even higher. To make people come back to your ads is to write content that blows their mind. Be totally unique, do not rewrite other people’s articles, instead make your articles totally unique using your brain and a good keyword tool to search for keywords you probably never heard of before. A returning visitor is six times more valuable than a first time visitor because returning visitors will generate more clicks than a first time visitor.

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