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We all know that the essence of AdSense success comes from AdSense traffic. Large amounts of traffic can potentially make you loads of cash from Google’s pay-per-click scheme.

Google AdSense primarily is about the monetization of traffic. The number of visitors that pass through a particular site is the factor that determines its AdSense potential.

However, new AdSense publishers shouldn’t take this general idea as gospel. Not all traffic is good for Google AdSense. Some types of AdSense traffic are not allowed under Google AdSense rules. For instance you are not allowed to use paid traffic sources (you know, the types of sites that promise to deliver a certain amount of visitors to your site for a nominal fee) to artificially boost the number of visitors passing through your site. These traffic sources often don’t work well with AdSense websites and you are unlikely to get any clicks and generate any revenue using these types of traffic. Avoid using paid traffic serves at all costs. They cost you money, you get no obvious returns and they might get you banned. They are risky for AdSense sites and are generally not worth the effort.

Other traffic sources to consider are those that you can get from social networking sites and social booking marking sites. The type of visitors you get from these sources can differ in quality. If you market yourself brilliantly using these sites you can funnel fantastic visitors to your website. But if you use these sites in the most casual sense to generate some AdSense traffic, the type of visitors you get can be of very poor quality.

Basically, the best types of visitors for AdSense websites are those that are ‘looking’ for the content the site has to offer. These types of visitors are likely to be more responsive to the ads that displayed on the sites.

So the ideal types of AdSense traffic are those that come from search engines. Search engine traffic is primarily composed of people that are seeking the information your website is displaying.

You can even fine-tune the type of visitors you get by applying good SEO techniques and doing some good keyword research. Such techniques can help you get visitors that are ultra-primed for your content and get you visitors that are more likely to click on your AdSense ads.

The best way to get large amounts of quality AdSense traffic is to make sure you put together a good AdSense site, filled with well researched content filled with specific keywords. More often than not the search engines find these types of websites easy to ‘crawl’ and see. And if the search engines rank it well for popular, specific keywords, then it can result in significant amounts of AdSense traffic which means loads of AdSense cash.

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