What Is Pay Per Click Internet Advertising?

The first place you will most likely see this term is on Google AdSense. This is the most prominent advertising system that uses pay-per-click. The good thing about Google is that they are very good at using keywords to market for the appropriate content on the site. The way that it works is, you create an account with Google, and you put the code into your site for them to rotate advertisements. Google will crawl your site, or allow you to put keywords in your site. The advertisements will be relevant to what is on your site. For instance, if your site is a hobby site about bird watching, your ads will usually advertise for online bird house stores, or local hobby book stores. This is a large advantage because you want your users to be interested in the advertisement. Now this is an example of what Google Ads does, but you may still be wondering, what is pay-per-click internet marketing?

Well the way that it works, and staying consistent with the Google example, is that anytime someone on your website clicks on the ad, you get paid! This is in the situation of flat-rate pay-per-click, so that every time somebody is interested in the ad and clicks to visit the site, you get paid a determined amount of money. Normally this amount is very small, but if you count on the thousands and thousands of potential hits that you can get, then having many of these pay-per-click ads might pay off at least in a small way. The down side to this type of advertising, however, is that most people don’t click on random ads on a website. I’m sure you’ve been on a website and been annoyed by ads, or just plain avoided them because you were only interested in the content on the site. Also, if you were to ask the general public, “what is pay-per-click internet marketing?” they would probably look at you with a blank stare. In other words, don’t be hoping for any pity clicks or helpful customers that realize they can help you out by the occasional click.

The last bit of advice on pay-per-click, especially with Google, is to make sure that you DO NOT click your own ads. When you first hear about pay-per-click, I’m sure the thought goes through your mind, “Well if I spend my whole day clicking on ads, I can make myself a good amount of money!” Don’t even think of it, because Google can tell that is what you are doing, and they will not hesitate in any way to ban you from their advertising service. Even if you tell your family and friends to randomly click on it, if they click too much, you will be shut down. Google has a far and wide reach, and they are not stupid, so be careful not to tempt them just to make a few extra pennies!

I hope this information has been helpful. There are many terms when learning about pop. I hope this article has helped shed some light on one of these terms.

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