Why Use Google AdWords Marketing

If you’re in business, you’ve probably come across many different forms of marketing by now. You could choose to promote your company with brochures, flyers, signage, direct mail, posters, cold calling, a website… the list goes on. All of these marketing techniques have value, and can be used effectively in different situations. But today, with most prospective buyers using the internet; or more specifically Google when it comes to researching products and making buying decisions, it pays to be up to speed with Google AdWords and how to use it to your advantage.

The Basics

When you search something in Google, the words you use are called ‘keywords’ or ‘key phrases’. This is what Google uses to find websites which relate to your needs. For example, if you needed to get a new website designed, and searched, ‘website design Christchurch’; these three words would be your key phrase.

With Google AdWords, you can have a little advertisement promoting your business pop up either at the top or in the right hand side of the search results screen in Google after a user searches the particular keywords you select for your campaign. Google AdWords uses a ‘PPC’ (pay per click) policy, which means you are only charged based on how many click throughs (people clicking your ad and entering your website) you have.

The Benefits:

This type of internet marketing is highly targeted, customisable, and fully traceable. When you have a Google AdWords campaign, you are able to view exactly how many people have viewed the ad, clicked on the ad, and you can see what sort of results this is generating for your business. This strategy is much more valuable than distributing a bunch of flyers to mailboxes and never knowing which ones got thrown away!

Also, you are only paying per click; i.e., for ‘what you get’.


Google AdWords is quite a complex tool. There are many ways to approach your marketing strategy, and you need to be internet marketing savvy in order to generate the best results. Some business owners choose to use professional AdWords consultants who have trained in how Google algorithms work and how you can maximise your marketing budget effectively. Perhaps look into different options before you set up your Google AdWords account and start launching ads out into the web space.

With a little bit of research and some sound advice, your business can start making money and converting potential customers using the highly targeting marketing of Google AdWords!

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