How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch?

You don’t have enough technical knowledge to build a website of your own? Don’t worry you can create a website of your own in a matter of few clicks. The best part is the entire process will not cost your more than 10 bucks.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was launched in 2003 as a blogging platform, but it has evolved as a strong CMS (content management system) platform. WordPress has already won numerous awards, in 2007 WordPress won a Packt Open Source CMS Award, in 2009 WordPress won the best Open Source CMS Award. And in 2010 WordPress has won the Hall of Fame CMS category in the 2010 Open Source Awards. More than 10% of the top 1 million websites uses WordPress already. Perhaps its growth is phenomenal because it is really easy to use.

Steps Involved in Creating a WordPress based Website

There are five steps involved in creating a successful and profitable website. Anyone can today create a website, but then the purpose will not be served if you miss any of these 5 steps.

1) Domain Registration
2) Web Hosting
3) Install WordPress
4) Select the Right theme
5) Select the correct plugins for the functionality that you want.

Domain Registration

If you are going to make a site and you want to rank your domain for certain countries, like if you are going to make a site specifically for UK, then you can opt for domain, or .in for India and .us for United States. This will help in ranking your site highly in local searches like, or and so on.

If you are targeting a global audience, then .com or .net is the best followed by .org. However they cost around 9-12 dollars, there are certain coupon codes and you can get discounts. If you don’t want to spend that much then you can opt for .info domain which will be just .99 dollars but .info don’t have the same SEO value like .com or .net. If you are not willing to spend even that amount then you can go for blogger as explained in our previous post on Starting a business online.

Here is a list of the top domain registrars


I strongly recommend using Godaddy as it offers you a very easy to use interface. Once you book your domain you should next get a good hosting account.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is simply where you host your website, in other words where you will be keeping your files. Now don’t worry, there is nothing so technical about it. The setting up and designing of your site is a matter of 6 clicks if you choose a good host. The video in the post will show you exactly how this is done. Now let us see about the leading hosting companies that are available.


All these are good hosting companies, however I would recommend Hostgator or Dreamhost. In case of Hostgator use the coupon code earnonlinemoney and you will get your hosting account for just 1 cent. You can get huge discounts with Dreamhost if you use the coupon code ‘EarnOnlineMoney’. People who don’t want to host a professional website and are happy with blogger can skip these steps and check our next article. Check this to Get More Information on Webhosting and Domain Registration

Installing WordPress

Here in a matter of 6 clicks you are going to set up a professional website. We are going to use wordpress platform, wordpress is a powerful open source platform and you have access to 1000s of free themes and styles and plugins to get the desired design and functionality without the need to code a single line of program. Mere clicks can make your site the way you want it. The following video explains you on how to set up a wordpress based website

Selecting the Right Theme

There are 1000s of free themes that come along with the basic wordpress installation and you can search them through the install themes option in wordpress dashboard. It is better to work with free themes and learn how to alter the themes and widgets, once you are adept with handling the themes you can decide whether you want to go for a free theme or a paid theme. You can select a theme as described in the video, by going to appearance –> Themes –> Install Themes.

Selecting the Right Plugins

Themes decide how your site will look, whereas plugins control what your site can do. You can add any functionality to your website by adding certain plugins. You can make your site search engine optimized by using a few plugins. Here is a List of Must Have Plugins for WordPress.

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