Speed up the Loading Time for a WordPress Website

WordPress beyond doubt is the most preferred platform for internet marketers. The ease of usage and the ability to add any kind of functionality through different plugins makes WordPress the ideal platform for internet marketers. Previously the internet marketers used to depend on developers to get their website done. It is not required anymore as they can use wordpress to set up their business the way they want all by themselves. However some issues will creep up as the site grows, the major problem with wordpress sites are the loading speed. If you are new to wordpress then learn how to create a website using Wordperss

We need good plugins for better site functionality but as we add plugins the loading time of the site too will increase. Here are certain steps which you can use to reduce the loading time of a wordpress site. As 9 out of 10 internet marketers use shared hosting in web host like Host Gator, Blue Host or Dream Host, they will also experience server overloads, as these servers are shared. So you will also be asked to upgrade to either VPS or dedicated server. You can opt for it, if you can afford it, however the first thing that you need to address is optimizing the wordpress site to load up fast and to reduce the server load.

Speed up the loading time for wordpress:

We did a lot of testing and experimentation to find the best solution for WordPress users. You should strike a balance between the site functionality, SEO and the loading time. Google has made it clear that they take the site loading time also in to account while ranking a website for a keyword. So along with doing everything for better SEO you should also focus to improve the loading speed of the site. So we should focus on all the possible venues to speed up the wordpress website.

Steps to speed up the loading time of WordPress

You can do this by following these simple steps.

Step 1) Download and activate W3 Total Cache

It is very powerful caching plugin for wordpress and the best part is it is free. You can download the W3 Total Cache Plugin here. Install the plugin, after installing you will notice a new section in your admin sidebar called “Performance” Under General Settings, disable Minify. We will install a seperate minify plugin as it works far better than the minify module of W3 Total Cache.

You can tweak the plugin settings as per your requirement. It is better to activate all the other modules of the caching plugin. Whenever you activate or deactive a plugin make sure you empty the cache as the site will serve the cached copy of the site when a new visitor comes. It is easy as W3 Total Cache will automatically prompt you to empty the cache if you add or remove a plugin.

Step 2) Download and activate WP Minify

Down load and install WP Minify plugin. You can download the plugin here. Install the plugin. This plugin integrates the Minify engine into your WordPress site. Once enabled, this plugin will combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

WP Minify grabs JS/CSS files in your generated WordPress page and passes that list to the Minify engine. The Minify engine then returns a consolidated, minified, and compressed script or style for WP Minify to reference in the WordPress header.In the settings (under “Tools” in the sidebar), make sure that the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Minification options are all checked.

There is also a feature to “Place Minified JavaScript in footer”. This can further help in decreasing the page load time, as the site will load even before the javascript at the footer loads, however you need to test the site in different browsers if you are activating this plugin. There are instances where the site design gets broken because of activating this module of the plugin.

Step 3) Download and activate WP Smush.it

This plugin will optimize every image you upload henceforth since you activated it. The wordpress will control the sizing of the images uploaded however it is not good enough. This plugin is very important if your website contains many images in the homepage/other pages.

This plugin is quite simple and all you need to do is download the plugin (click here) and install it. The plugin will optimize all your images.

The following are the functions of this plugin.

  • stripping meta data from JPEGs
  • optimizing JPEG compression
  • converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • stripping the un-used colours from indexed images

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