Ten Reasons Why Using WordPress For Your Site Makes Sense

Although we can think of loads of reasons why we build sites on WordPress and favour this system above all others, below is our top ten reasons why using WordPress for your website really makes sense.

100% Free CMS – WordPress is and probably always be free, which is one of the biggest reasons for webmasters to run their site upon it, doing away with the usually costly implications of a purchased CMS which can run in the thousands if you want to use one of the more established ones.

Easy To Set Up – As long as you have the basic knowledge of the system, installing WordPress is really easy after you have done it a couple of times. Add to this there is a wealth of documentation and knowledge regarding the installation of the program, you really will become an expert installer after a couple of sites are under your belt.

Easy To Use – If you can use Word or any other word processor, you can use WordPress, as it really is exactly the same when it comes to writing content and the only difference is that you publish it rather than save it to your PC. There are so many advanced features that you will pick up over time, but when it comes to delivering something that everyone can use; WordPress will always get our vote.

SEO – WordPress is SEO friendly, so do not believe some of the negative comments around the Internet claiming otherwise. The coding is clean, the plugins enhance your SEO and as long as you write good content you will see that from an SEO point of view, WordPress offers something that all the good search engines will love.

Plugins – One of the best features about WordPress is the thousands of easy to install plugins that are available for it. From auto generating sitemaps right the way through to server balancing tools, there really is a plugin for everything with the majority of them free to use.

Security – Unlike some other systems, WordPress is updated on a regular basis with most of the updates relating to performance enhancers and minor vulnerabilities, but the major updates are released when and if security holes are found in the system. Any program or system in the world will always have issues, but the ones that take care of the problem and react quickly are the ones that you really should be relying on.

Ease Of Access – WordPress can be used from any computer that has an Internet connection, which means if you are on holiday you can update your website or even from the train on your mobile broadband.

Multiple User Access – WordPress offers different levels of user access, from the Administrator who can control everything right the way through to subscriber level, which only allows people to view the posts and keep up to date with your latest offerings. This means that for a company, you can assign difference access levels to make sure only the correct people are working on the site when it comes to what you want them to be allowed to do.

Expanding Resource – WordPress continues to get bigger and bigger and this is only a good for thing for website owners that use it, because with new versions come new features, new ideas and new ways to improve your website in the future. Every major update so far has contained some cracking new things, from widgets to slugs; we always look forward to new WordPress versions every year.

Support Pool – One of the final things that we love about WordPress is the massive support pool of developers, users and experts who are all ready to help you should you run into issues and cannot figure something out. With forums, blogs and article resources, if you have a problem someone will help you to fix for free!

Ian Spencer works for Clear Web Services, a SEO Web Optimisation and Web Design company serving the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

He has worked in the SEO and Internet Marketing world for many years, and working in partnership with another company has launched the new SEO business.

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