Tips for Finding Best Joomla Extensions

Once you’ve already started using Joomla, your next task is to find the best Joomla extensions for your website. There are actually innumerable extensions to choose from. You get to decide which one works best for you. These extensions are pretty useful for your website. Adding them wouldn’t also be that hard. It’s as easy as installing Joomla. In this article, we will be discussing the best and popular Joomla extensions that would absolutely answer your diverse needs. So, brace yourself and get thrilled with the vast repertoire of extensions that you can have for your website. Here are some of the best extensions for your website.

1. JCE

This extension is an award-winning one. It is configured in WYSIWYG editor. It also has an additional plug-ins such as image and media file handling plus an additional administration interface designed for editor’s configuration.

2. Community Builder

This is a versatile extension since this has really cool features such as Forum, Galleries, Blogs, integration with other components, like PMS, Newsletter, users list, enhanced registration workflows, connection paths between users, image upload, front-end workflow management, and admin defined tabs and user profiles. This extension also permits multitasking.

3. Jumi

Jumi is a Joomla extension which has tons of plug-ins. With it, you can customize your pages and include php, Javascript and html in to your section and category descriptions. You can do this without even having wrapper components. You also have a vast access to every feature that’s available. It is suggested that you use this extension especially when you would like to create banner advertisements. This is because it would be very easy for you to attach php, html or Java scripts in it. Whether you have small or large modules, this can still work well for your needs.

4. VirtueMart

If you are in to business then this extension must be the right one for you to use. This is actually used for E-commerce. To date, there have been over a thousand store owners using this extension. This is the best shopping cart solution for you. This is highly administrative in nature so it would not be troublesome for you to handle many products, categories, discounts and orders.

5. JEvents

For people who are always on the go and buzzing like a bee out there, JEvents would fit for all your needs. JEvents is actually designed as an events calendar. This is also very easy for you to customize and you can apply several layouts on it. It is also equipped with an easy layout tool for you to customize your presentation.

6. Exposé Bridge

Do you wan to add thrill in to your website? Then you’d be better using Exposé Bridge. This is an extension which allows you to post slide show presentation in your website. This is made possible because it is a Flash-based tool. If you want your website to be appealing to visitors then try using this extension.

Those are just a few of the best Joomla extensions. You can choose from a wide array of extensions that would best suffice your needs. In order for you to arrive at it, you just have to bear in mind to choose an extension that is easy for you to use.

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