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Long loading time is also one of the most common problems you will come across or site visitors come across. Imagine you are one of the visitors and you are visiting your website, say a software development company website, and you need to wait for more than what a normal website would take. Won’t you be frustrated? Will you still wait for the page to load or go on to the next website? You would probably go on to the next website. Similar things happen to your site if your site has a long loading time. Therefore, when you develop your website, make sure that you include appropriate media which look perfect not extravagant. All media should be compressed to the level in which the quality is not affected. If this is done, the loading time of the site will be considerably lowered.

Usually what developers of any web application development company come across after developing a website is that the site which they have developed doesn’t load properly on slow connections. Not everyone in this world is destined to get broadband connection or 3rd generation connection. So, when creating a website, you should also consider those who are using dial-up connections. There are millions who are still using the dial-up connection. If your page is very heavy, the chance of users still using dial-up connection (which is in millions) is very less and hence there will be less traffic to your site. The biggest challenge in a dial-up connection while opening a website are the images. Text can be easily loaded but when it comes to images and on top of that if images are not compressed, the connection will take even minutes to load. Image size can be reduced by using software that can remove unnecessary information on the image or you can upload files not in JPG format but PNG and GIF format.

To make you website user-friendly in other words means to lower the loading time of your website and include easily defined services and information should be provided in easily understandable language. It is also the contents that makes visitors hooked on to your website for a longer time. Therefore, the type of content you use in your website should be interesting enough to make people stay with your website.

For instance, a person looks for an IT outsourcing company’s information, if the site provides relevant information to what the person is looking he is for sure going to stay with the site for a longer period of time. Not only that, the content in you website should be conversational. Address to your users not as giving information but as in the same way you would talk with them. Using of difficult word is also not suggested.

There are lot of ways to make your website user-friendly. The above however applies with all types of websites.

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