Digital Marketing – 9 Mobile Website Metrics To Know For Your Business

Mobile websites are special websites built and optimized for use on mobile devices like iPads or Android phones. For businesses, mobile websites are pretty much a ‘necessity’ today as more and more people use their cell phones everywhere and people expect to get online and have a great experience all the time. So to make sure your mobile website is a great experience for your visitors, it’s important to monitor the metrics of your mobile site. Here are nine metrics you should know for your mobile website.

1. Visits – This is the number of consumers who have visited the mobile site. These numbers can be identified for any period of time.

2. Unique Visitors – This is the number of absolute unique visitors over a specified amount of time. A unique visitor is a new visitor who hasn’t visited the site in a specific time period. If that person visits five times during that period, they will only be counted once.

3. Page Views – This is the number of pages that have been viewed on the website. It’s a cumulative number.

4. Pages / Visit – This is the average number of pages visited per visit. If there were 1000 page views and 100 unique visitors, then there were 10 pages per visit.

5. Bounce Rate – This is the percentage of single-page visits in which a visitor leaves the site from the entrance page. This is a great metric that measures visit quality. If 95% of the visitors leave on the first page, Houston… we have a problem!

6. Average Time On Site – This is the average amount of time spent on the website by visitors. The longer they stay on the site, the better the site is.

7. Percentage Of New Visits – This is the percentage of new visitors over a specified period of time. You want to know this info to see if people keep coming back. A low percentage of new visits means your mobile site is doing a great job of building a community where people want to come back to.

8. Traffic Sources – This identifies the different sources of traffic to the mobile site. Examples of sources include search engines, referring sites like Facebook, direct visits when people type in the site, and so many more.

9. Device Type – This identifies which type of device the visitors are using to access your site. Devices include iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries and more.

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