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Creating a website yourself or getting it done by a professional is not that difficult today, but if you are serious about the functionality and the utility of the website, it becomes difficult for you to decide which type of website will suit your purpose and necessity. Since you need to factor in different aspects such as look, functionality, implementation, and maintenance of the website, it is advisable that you can consider CMS website development. And if you are a beginner or a novice, then CMS website development becomes all the more useful because a Content management System allows you to maintain the website content easily. Apart from managing the content, CMS website development allows one to utilize the plug-ins it comes with.

Among the popular CMS platforms, Joomla and WordPress are the most commonly used ones. Both of these platforms are open source and anyone interested in mastering the art of website development can download them. While both are very easy to use and do not require the novice developer to have huge expertise on scripting language, they have their respective merits.

Advantages of Joomla: As a platform for CMS website development, Joomla allows one to modify and customize a website. Joomla is accepted for its quality and affordability. It is for this reason that Joomla is widely used by new entrepreneurs who are eager to get the business going on with a shoe string budget. However, the Joomla platform can also be used for creating complex ecommerce websites and portals. One can also develop social networking portals by using this versatile platform.

Moreover, if one opts for Joomla CMS web development, he or she can have several sample codes and documentation which make the job of development easy and time-saving. After the website goes live, one can incorporate changes into the site effortlessly. Image and content posting and editing become easy for ecommerce website owners because they need to change stock status, collections, price and other such details on a regular basis. Using the template system and multiple extensions that come with Joomla, a person with basic knowledge of computer operation can create dynamic and trendy websites.

Advantages of WordPress:

As far as WordPress CMS web development is concerned, it is best picked by bloggers and using this CMS can greatly influence your site optimization. Whether you want to develop a website with a static home page or you want to make your site multitasking with elaborate menu options and user-friendly layouts, WordPress 3 templates offer you all the support.

As an out of the box CMS, WordPress CMS website development enables the developer to modify and customize the skin anytime. As it is most convenient for bloggers, sharing experiences and creating social community is very easy on this platform.

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