Pay Monthly Rental Websites: A Cheap Option, But Is It a Real Alternative Option for Businesses?

Recently we have seen growing trend for pay monthly websites. These types of websites give a business the opportunity to get a website at a fraction of the upfront cost of the normal development route. The question is are they a genuine alternative to what is deemed the normal pay for in full website or just a cheap poor quality option that should be avoided at all cost. In the current climate, with the credit crunch, and businesses going out of business at an alarming rate, a new breed of website has risen up to help the struggling business generate more sales.

The pay monthly website, or rental website is gaining popularity, and with businesses making redundancies and a marked increase in new start-up businesses, the Pay monthly website seems like the perfect solution to cash strapped businesses both new young and old. In the modern internet Google driven world we live in, it is essential to have some kind of online presence for business, but the cost of getting a website developed can prove prohibitive, especially for a business that is feeling the pinch in these hard times.

A concern for any business when it comes to marketing and promotion, should be does it represent my brand well. Can a website developed on a shoestring, come out with a product that represents the brand and is good enough for worldwide presentation. Here we have to consider individual the needs of the company and the complexity of the website. So who is a Pay monthly rental website suitable for and how can you differentiate between good and a bad.

Pay monthly Website

The pay monthly website will have the following features and restrictions. This is not an exhaustive list.


  • The Website will be template driven. The quality of the template will vary from developer to developer. The template system will restrict your options regarding design, you will be able to pick a colour pallet, and an overall feel I.E. corporate or funky, brightly coloured or muted, but you would be restricted on individual design elements.
  • Most of this type of website is systemised and built using a Content management system such as WordPress, Jommla or Modx. These systems vary considerably and you will hear different opinions on each, but they all produce basically the same results. The issue to consider here is this type of website is Database driven, they can be quite restrictive and would prove difficult to move to another hosting company.
  • Restrictions exist at the lower level to the number of pages you will have available for the website, if you only need four pages then great, but how restrictive will it be if you need to add more pages what are the implications and cost.
  • The development cost and time will be significantly reduced, and the functionality of the website will be good as it will be developed using proven tested methods.
  • The content management system for the sight should become available to the business, which means once the sight is live it can be edited with a bit of training by the company. This will provide great savings going forward when the company edits its own content.
  • You should be able to request additional add-ons such as newsletter page, Blog, RRS feeds etc. as the CMS systems are built to handle this. Again the advantage being these are tried and tested systems so should prove reliable.


If you chose the right development company, you can end up with a very well developed product, which is comparable in almost every way to the more expensive bespoke designed website, but at a fraction of the up-front cost. However do your research, and take a look at the website portfolio. If the web development company has any existing clients in their portfolio perhaps ring them and ask them about their experience working with the company.

Bespoke developed website

The normal route to a website is to use a website development company, the price for development can vary dramatically, from 500 for a basic 3 to 5 page website, up to 20,000 and above for a high end Dynamic sight with tons of functionality. The average price for a website in my experience is around 1500 to 4000 for a well-designed website with basic functionality. The normal payment method for a bespoke developed website is three equal payments. With the balance due before the site goes live. What you get with a bespoke developed website.


  • Obviously the first comment to make here is flexibility. With a bespoke developed website the business gets full control over the design and page layout. You can make it work more closely with your existing branding.
  • You will be less restricted on number of pages, and menu layouts and navigation options within the site.
  • The end product will be guaranteed unique, and should represent your company perfectly.
  • The development time will invariably take much longer and will require much more input from the company
  • This type of development can be much more labour intensive and complex.
  • A new cutting edge development with large amounts of dynamic work can take months to complete.


In conclusion, it all depends on what the business’s wish list versus budget and time scales. If you are a start-up company needing a brochure site to promote your products or services, or an established company needing to upgrade your current website, but are worried about the cost versus cash flow the Pay monthly website could prove the perfect option.

However if you need much more functionality from the site, or have very individual design ideas for the site then bespoke development will be the route to take but ensure you think hard about your budget and what you can really achieve with it. The growth of the pay monthly website in the market place is assured, and from my point of view that can only be a good thing. The need for all companies to be online with a website is paramount and if this product gives them an opportunity that would be otherwise shut to them, then that can only be a good thing.

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