Domain Name Registration Tips For Online Marketing Newcomers

If you are new to online marketing you are probably very excited and maybe a little terrified. All these feelings are reasonable. It is more than fine to be enthusiastic with your decision to start your own business and your own website online.

Another thing that is essential though, is to try to keep your feet on the ground and your eyes of course to the sky. Becoming known on the internet is a step by step time consuming process that you have to go through very carefully, with consistency and a non-stop flow of patience.

The more focused and consistent you are from the instant you start, the sooner you will be ready to see yourself reaching out to your goals, and that will happen if you acquire for yourself a business plan and stick to it!

In time as you will be learning and becoming more educated as far as how the internet marketing business world functions and how fast it changes you will realize how important it is to review your initial business plan and simply IMPROVE IT.

Improvement can be achieved by performing the following actions


  • Removing any course of action within your business plan that you’ve checked it does not work
  • Adding new action steps to your plan that the majority of experts say they work and they can prove it
  • Making always sure that you check your website’s statistics and analytics so that you can see how your individual marketing activities perform


So the time has come for you to start with a website. First thing you need to do is to do proper keyword research for your domain name and register it to a reliable company online.

Domain Name Registration Tips

If you do not already have a website and you are about to get one you will initially have to register a domain name. Domain name is the name that your website will be built on and it will be displayed on your URL as your web address. It will be the hyperlink that people will click on in order to go to your website.

Try to always get a domain with .COM extension and in case you find a great domain name that its (.com) extension is not available, try the hyphens between the words and if again they are taken, try the next best thing: (.net) and (.org) as these 3 domain extensions rank much easier and faster on the search engines.

You can register your desired domain name if available of course at You will find a user-friendly member’s area and the prices will be ~ $8-$14/year, depending on the domain extension that you will choose, the privacy of your domain, the payment time and also they regularly offer discount offers for your additional optional purchases you may wish to make down the road.

Make sure the domain you choose represents exactly the market, the service or the product that you want to promote. If you want to promote other people’s products you will enter the Affiliate Marketing industry and will be paid a commission for every single product you sell from your sites and online marketing campaigns.

Starting off as an affiliate marketer is the safest choice from financial risk point of view. Therefore if you have a limited budget it’s a great option to start with.

Be very clear and specific with what domain name you will choose for your business, as it will help people that are interested in your specific niche to find your website and acquire whatever is what you are offer.

If you choose to have a branding site you can always register your full name as your domain, but if your aim is to sell affiliate products of other online business people then for faster rankings, you should try to get the exact name of the product you want to promote on your website.

If you start on the right foot and continue to educate yourself with the latest developments in online marketing, sky will be the only limit for you and your business online.

Joanna Vaiou is a Netrepreneur – Author with a strong and dedicated interest in Personal Development and Leadership Training. With the experience of having successfully managed multiple website projects in several international niches in the past, she now offers Online Marketing Training resources on her website and provides answers to her audience. Her recent E-book reveals the “11 Steps To Online Marketing Success” and provides a crystal clear and easy to follow blueprint for newcomers in the industry.

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