Understanding The Benefits of Using cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel should be the first thing that an aspiring webmaster should look when searching for a hosting provider. cPanel software is very important because it provides the user a great interface to easily manage his site.

cPanel – What is a cPanel?

cPanel is a software installed by the hosting provider. The front end of the hosting is your website, to access the back end and control your files and webpages you need a backend program. cPanel provides that backend. It is where you monitor and manage your website; it is a web-based customer interface. It allows users to control resources like disk space, inodes and bandwidth usage, off countless other tasks such as setting up email accounts, FTP accounts, rediercts, dns edit, add additional domains, subdomains and so on. cPanel also allows you to store data in MySQL databases in cPanel Inside there is usually a link to access PhpMyAdmin, which offers a resource for storing backups database in a file and download a database dump.

cPanel – Functions

cPanelcPanel is loaded with lot of different scripts. Once you login in to the cPanel you can use those scripts through just a few clicks. One can generally access cPanel of their website by logging in to www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel . Even beginners can easily get a hang of things within a few hours of using it. A mural or a PHP content management system can also be quickly configured with cPanel.

Today most of the web hosting company provides cPanel with an integrated Fantastico Deluxe. Fantastico for instance will help you to install great number of platforms in your website in a matter of few clicks. Platforms like wordpress, joomla, phpbb, smf, drupal and many other platforms can be installed easily. You don’t even need to create and configure mysql databases, Fantastico will do all the work for you. It completely eliminates manual tasks like creating MySQL tables for different programs, downloading and installing third party scripts. cPanel along with Fantastico are able to streamline the process for the end user in creating a website.

Using cPanel/Fantastico to Create a WordPress Website

Many hosts will advertise that they offer free cPanel hosting, however they will offer cPanel hosting with very few resources available, which does not allow you to truly know the entire capability of cPanel. It is always better to for a paid web hosting with cPanel.

Before buying a hosting account make sure you have a chat with the sales support people (most top hosting company offer 24X7 live chat support), and make sure you have all the cPanel features like MySQL databases, Fantastico script installer, manager Cron jobs, additional domains, mail management tools, AWStats and Webalizer statistics and so on.

Spam Assassin is also available at many sites that use cPanel hosting. Spam Assassin is a mail filtering system which checks every mail received in e-mail accounts hosted on your hosting account and check the features that are typical of spam messages.


Finally, when choosing your host be sure to buy a plan that offers all the features and facilities along with a cPanel. The best cPanel host in the market are
1) Host Gator
2) Just Host
3) Blue Host
4) Dream Host

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