What Are the Benefits of a Joomla Content Management Website?

When it comes to content management systems (CMS), definitely one of the most popular and widely used is Joomla. Joomla is an open source framework that is specially designed for ease and speed when it comes to making interactive websites, blogs, media portals, online communities and so on. The term Joomla came from a Swahili word “Jumla” which by definition means “all together”. Due to numerous features and the fact that it is free, in no time Joomla became one of the most popular content management systems. Here are just some of the practical applications of Joomla: government websites, small to medium business websites, community portals, online commerce, non-profit and organizational websites and so on. So here are some of the benefits of using Joomla for your content management needs:


  • Joomla is absolutely free to use. This benefit alone may not be enough for some users but if you are going to take into consideration that feature that Joomla offers, it is hard not to be attracted to this particular advantage.
  • Joomla’s usability and capabilities are fully customizable with the use of extensions. As of this writing, Joomla has more than 7000 extensions to choose from and you can use these extensions to further enhance the features of this particular CMS. Most of these extensions are developed by the user community so you can expect for this numbers to grow even more in the future.
  • Joomla is supported in many languages. Joomla has a built-in support for multiple languages, so if you are looking to build a website for non-English users then this becomes a non-issue. You can even build your website in a way which the visitors can easily toggle the language they want to view the website with. This gives your website a lot of accessibility.
  • If there are multiple persons that are working on the website then Joomla can provide you with the interface to make it easy for all the authors involved. It is possible for a Joomla website to give access to multiple users and they can even log in simultaneously using their own personalized access. This is a simple option that is not available in other CMS.
  • Joomla has the ability to update itself automatically, saving you the trouble of looking for updates and downloading them yourself.
  • It is a fact that when you operate a website, you are expected to pay for some operating and maintenance expense. Websites that are made with Joomla are actually much more cheaper to operate and maintain.
  • When compared to other CMS that are available, Joomla has superior template support. There’s a wide range of template selections that are available and you may choose one based on what suits the theme of your website best. Such templates can also be easily modified in case you require so in the future.


So if you are looking for a content management system that is open source and most especially free, then Joomla is definitely worth a look.

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