WordPress Install – The Basic Yet Important Things That You Must Consider When You Install WordPress

WordPress is the best open source blogging and CMS (Content Management System) platform available in these days. More and more people are converting their plain HTML based websites to WordPress CMS due to the ease of maintainability and search engine friendliness. A good and professional WordPress install will save a lot of time from the days to come once the website is setup. This article describes the basic yet very important factors you must consider when you install WordPress.

The best option is to buy a Linux hosting server package since WordPress is done with PHP and MySQL where both PHP and MySQl runs very smoothly on Linux hosted servers. But it is not necessary as long as you can host your WordPress website with a reputed web hosting service. Then you have to decide on where to install, ie. In the root of the domain (ex. yourdomain.com), in a sub domain (ex. blog.yourdomain.com) or in a sub folder (ex. yourdomain.com/blog). You have to make sure that your web hosting account supports the PHP and MySQL versions required by the WordPress version you are planning to install. Otherwise you will face many difficulties during the installation.

Once all the above mentioned factors are verified you have to estimate whether you can do it by yourself or have it done by a professional. Actually many webhosting services provide easy installation methods through the CPanel or any other website administrator interface. You have to make sure that you double check the email address you provide as the admin email since all the admin security related data is sent to that email address. Otherwise you will have to modify the related database table manually. It is also very important that you provide the correct installation path and Name for the installation. For the installation name, people tend to provide their best keyword. But it is up to you to decide whether you need to use a keyword or not.

Once WordPress is installed, and you logged in as the administrator, you have to setup your preferred theme. It can be a Premium WordPress Theme or a free one. But you have to make sure that the theme is compatible with the WordPress version you have installed. Otherwise some functions specifically made for the theme will not work. You have to double check this if you are buying a theme. Some themes require additional plugins to be used. Then these plugins also must be compatible with your WordPress version.

WordPress is a wonderful application to use. You will love it when you start working with it. But installing it correctly and professionally will save you a lot of time and money in the days to come as you will have to add remove and modify many things in the WordPress administrator panel. The best advice is to seek professional help if you are not technically savvy.

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