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Online surveys are one of the simpler ways of earning money from home. Paid survey companies pay you in cash, points and prizes for spending your time giving opinions on various products and services. The amount you earn depends on your profile. If your demographic is attractive to the marketing companies conducting the surveys, you will receive more surveys and the value of each survey will also be higher. Genuine paid survey companies will not have any joining fee. You can maximize your earnings by signing up for all reputed survey companies. It is advisable to use a different email id for signing up for surveys , since your email id may be sold and you will receive spam.

On many work at home forums, regular survey takers have reported earnings of US$200 – $500 per month. We have listed some popular online surveys below, people have reported receiving payments from these companies. Bookmark this page
MatrixMails : This is one of the oldest Paid to Read and Paid to Click (PTC) program, and have been making payments since 2002. Free members are paid $0.01 for every mail they read and usually receive a few emails and advertisements every day. Minimum payout is $2 though AlertPay or Paypal.
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Donkeymails : This PTC/PTR program has been making regular payments for several years now. The amount free members can earn for every ad they view varies from 0.1 cent to 0.02 cent, there are many advertisements every day. Minimum payout is $1 though Paypal, $1.01 through Alert Pay. They also send 2-3 PTR emails every day with a higher payout. Have received four payments from them.
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Pinecone Research – one of the best known survey websites, pay US$5-$10 per survey. They only accept people who have a certain profile. Difficult to get a survey, but they pay regularly
Yahoo! User Research – participants may receive US$50 or more for participating, depending on the type of research
Fusioncash – you get paid for initial registration, signups and referrals. Only one account allowed per household in USA, Age limit 18+ (younger allowed with parental permission). Minimum payout is US$25, payment through PayPal, Neteller, Check. Your account is credited after you signup for an offer. Some of the offers require a credit card, it is advisable to use a temporary credit card or prepaid debit card. Temporary (or virtual) credit cards can be generated using your online banking account. You can set a low limit like US$5 and they expire within 48 hours.
Testspin – paid in Amazon Gift Certificates
Instantprofitz – not a survey, get paid to complete free offers
I say – by answering surveys, you will be entered in a quarterly draw.

Opinion square Rewards – you earn points which can be redeemed for gift certificates or merchandise
Survey Spot – send multiple surveys and pay regularly
Reward TV – Opinion on recent TV programs
My Survey – USA, Canada, Europe. You earn points which can be converted to cash. They send a check

Opinion output – USA, Canada. You earn points which can be redeemed for cash

Survey Spree
Arc survey
Global Opinion Panels

Lightspeed consumer panel – USA, Canada, Australia , you earn points which can be redeemed for cash, gift certificate or products. Offer payment through Paypal

Greenfield online / Gozing – UK, USA, Canada – you receive payment after a long time. Before starting a survey, note down the project number for the survey, it will be required if you have problems getting payment.

Your 2 cents – USA, Canada, payment by check

Media Transfer – credits received for taking surveys can be redeemed for Amazon vouchers

Survey Savvy – international, large survey company, pays in cash/check , surveys are not very frequent, no minimum withdrawal amount
Viewpoint forum – very popular website for surveys, you can join only through referrals. You can encash points for cash after you accumulate 375 points. They have a limited number of referrals (5) per person at a time. Members earn 100 points per referral, members with referrals available, usually post at work at home message boards

Opinion Central

Harris Poll Online – Points you collect are exchanged for gift certificates or merchandise.

Ciao – UK , mostly entered for drawings, sometimes cash paid
Opinion Bar – UK

Yougov – UK

Planet Pulse – UK

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