How to increase the profit in eBay sales

Selling on eBay can be expensive, but thousands of sellers earn a living from eBay. Some tips for increasing eBay sales

1. Before listing an item for sale, find out what the item is worth and for how much similar items have been sold. Also check how experienced sellers list and price the products they sell. Also check how ads you have liked have done – how many people have checked the listing and how many have actually bid for the item.

2. List your item so that the auction ends when the maximum number of people are using their computers. This leads to bidding wars which increase your profit. Most people use their computers in the evening

3. Research your product to find the keywords used by other people for listing. You product listing should be different, so that it stands out from other listings. The title should be eye-catching , so that people click on your listing. Only then, do you stand s a chance of selling your product.

4. Provide detailed description about the product you are selling and provide all information a buyer could need for making a decision. Include a clear photo of the product and ensure that the background of the photo is clean. The terms of service should also be listed – the return policy, shipping options, payment options, guarantees.

5. If you are new to the website, buy or sell a few low priced items, so that you can build your reputation. Only then, sell a high priced items, since buyers usually check the sellers reputation.

6. List the same items everyday, so that you remain on the first page of the search results. Listing fees are advertisement costs, so that your item details are display to a large audience. List items continuously.

7. Decide whether you wish to list for a fixed price or an auction. The rarer the item, the more suitable it is for an auction. A high priced items , is unlikely to get many bids. So start bidding at a low price and set a reserve price. There is an additional fee for a reserve price.

8. To reduce the fees, charge extra for shipping. For low cost items (less than US$10), part of your profit margins could come from shipping fees. Try to maximize the items you list under fixed price listings

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