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Making money online is something which attracts every professional, because by doing so one can break the routine of a 9 to 5 job and a grumpy boss. However making money online takes time and a lot of efforts, many people who want to establish a career online, will lose direction after some time. There are several methods to earn online as you can see in our website, however the easiest and proven method to earn is by writing articles for websites. To write articles for money  the most important thing is to come up with a good strategy. Unless you have a strategy and an organized system of writing articles the time spent on creating a good article will be way to high compared to what you will eventually get paid.

Write Articles for Money
Write Articles for Money

If you want to get in to article writing then you need to put a system in place. A daily routine, a good works are, a time management software for tracking your work (there are several free software), article writing templates and good online researching skills to gather information.

There are certain writer who will pick a particular niche that they are interested in, like pets, nutrition, sports, golf and so on. Choosing a big niche of your interest, will help you to articles faster and of better quality, so you can make more money faster.

Like any job ‘Practice makes you Perfect’. You may spend around 2 hours initially to write an article, but eventually upon practicing and streamlining your writing you can write a good article in under 20 minutes. There are several sites that accept articles. Some websites pay you for the number of views the article gets, and some website will pay you an upfront fee which ranges between $5 to $50 per article.

There is also another type of websites that have a revenue sharing agreement with you. They will share all the ad revenue that comes to your page with you. So in such cases it becomes important to write articles after doing a good keyword research. You can use the free google keyword research tool to research keywords that can bring you high ad revenues.

Good luck. Earn online today by writing articles.

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