Getting Paid for an Online Survey – A Good Business Opportunity?

A few days ago I received an online survey in my email inbox and happily went through and answered a bunch of questions about TV viewing habits. I didn’t receive any money for doing it but there are different companies on the internet who do pay money to learn your opinions and habits, but could this really become an online business?

I didn’t receive any money but I did get some points in a popular rewards program that is running in New Zealand, for 10 minutes work I received about the same number of points as I would have buying $200 worth of products. The company is a very well-known local marketing company and I get surveys from them every month or so.

There are many companies and agencies around the world who will pay money for you to complete a survey online, probably because it would be more accurate and cheaper than hiring  telemarketers to do it. When developing or improving upon a product or service, or even running a political campaign, getting consumers opinions are vital. As long as companies are going to be paid for analysis of consumer trends, they will be willing to pay to get the raw data.

You can put your name down with a whole lot of different companies and then wait till the surveys start arriving in your inbox. Of course there are many companies also trying to make money from individuals who are willing to fill out surveys by offering access to databases of survey companies and other inducements. Generally such companies are unnecessary, there are plenty of huge lists of companies for free on the internet as well as advice on setting up payment systems etc. You should never have to pay anyone to give your opinion.

Another factor to consider is your location, I am sure there are many more opportunities for people living in the U.S. to fill out surveys than there are in New Zealand. Also be careful about the companies you sign up with as some companies can be a little ‘hesitant’ about paying the money they owe you.

Although taking surveys online is an easy way of making a few extra dollars be very wary of claims that you can make thousands of dollars a week out of it. Even if you have your name down with many companies  you will not always be eligible to fill out every survey. If you are constantly filling out surveys it works out at about $10 per hour, as I said, a few extra dollars a week but hardly a full-time business opportunity.

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