How Can I Get Paid For Surveys? Are Free Paid Surveys Real?

After searching endlessly for a good free paid survey site it has come to my attention that GPT (get paid to) websites are the better choice. You can get paid for surveys and much more when it comes to using sites like these.

Although, many of them won’t have surveys or offers so you need to look for the right ones to use. Some only have a couple ways to make some cash and hardly keep up on their sites. You’ll never make anything using them including pay to click.

There is a multitude of GPT sites that offer different ways to make money online, and finding the ones that have pretty much all the ways to make easy money can be hard to accomplish. There are many scams out there and everyone should be careful.

After extensive research and joining several sites I had an idea of what all the different methods were to earn cash online. Most of them would only pay you in gifts using a point system and the points could be used for prizes.

This isn’t a bad option considering almost all of them have prepaid credit cards from visa and various other credit card companies. But, I personally felt it’s better to be paid by check or another method of actual paper money.

Also, it seems like most of those point sites will over price everything. When you’re getting paid for surveys most of them have a minimum payout, and when you do find free paid survey sites you want the ones that offer a payout of twenty dollars or less.

Anything higher than that would not be worth the time. Some may ask for a fee when you sign up and that’s a red flag for “It’s definitely a scam”. You should never have to pay anything because they get a commission for advertising all these ways to make money on their websites.

I found there are very few out there paying in points as you earn money and give the option to be paid by direct deposit or check. One I thought was perfect but soon realized that they are more focused on point based things than money.

Most of their points are used to get other things to earn money and it’s just a big run around to earn anything. Plus their offers seem to stop approving after a while. I only had one left on the list then I was going to give up because there wasn’t really anything left.

I happen to actually like this other one since they pay by check, have a reasonable payout and give points as you earn. They have all the good ways to make money that you could ask for like free paid surveys.

Their list to get paid for surveys is decent also. They are frequently looking to add more surveys and offers, so the earnings potential increases often. The support is very active also and you can get answers to anything quick in their forum.

I’m pretty confident they are the best GPT site on the net right now. They have been a successful business for over five years now. If you would like to learn more about them feel free to visit my CashCrate Review.

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