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Transcription jobs are similar to data entry jobs, but in addition to having a good typing speed, you should have good listening skills. Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are also important. The hourly rates for transcription jobs are usually higher than data entry jobs. Transcription work can be medical, business, legal or general. General transcription includes transcription of focus groups, sermons and interviews. Payment depends on the length of the audio file. Bookmark this page

General transcription companies are posted here, medical transcription jobs are listed separately

More transcription jobs

Tigerfish – employs transcribers working from home with no experience. Tigerfish has provided transcription services since 1989. There is an online test available at their website, to check suitability.

Morningside Partners, LLC

News Transcribers – At-home transcribers needed for clients such as CNN, FOX and MSNBC. Familiarity with current events an advantage. Pay is $18 per half-hour file, which should take 1 hour to complete, plus download and upload time
Editor/Proofreader : Part-time, entry-level positions for copy editors/proofreaders are currently available Day, evening and weekend scheduling available.
Financial At-Home Transcriber :Experienced transcribers sought for at-home financial transcription. Can work flexible timings

Emedia Mills – seems to be an associate company

QuickTate – sign up to become a QuikTate typist and based on the performance, the transcriber will also be assigned work at IDictate

Accutran Global. Email: – transcription of financial conference and related calls. They have hired with transcribers with no experience. Minimum 70 wpm

Absolute Document Services – employs medical , legal and corporate transcriptionists working at home. Minimum of 2 years relevant experience is required and should be familiar with MS Word/WordPerfect. Candidate has to take tests for transcription accuracy, typewriting speed and proofreading skills

Purple Shark – looking for transcribers with a minimum typing speed of 80-85 words per minute, should with familiar with legal, business and other terminology and have good spelling, grammar. Applicants are required to provide their transcript ID number from Brainbench to check their typing speed and English vocabulary. These tests are provided at Brainbench as a free service.

Chromolume, Inc – looking for transcriptionists with a minimum typing speed of 75 wpm. On an average, they pay US$35 per audio hour. Transcription equipment, broadband internet and a word processing program is required.

Rapid Text is looking independent contractors working at home for the following vacancies


Medical Transcriptionists

Realtime and Broadcast Captionists . Transcribers from Canada are also working for Rapid Text

Mulberry Studio Transcripts – has full time and part time transcription positions. A typing speed of 75 wpm and a minimum of 2 years experience in transcription and word processing is required.

Escriptionists – transcribe focus groups, sermons. High accuracy required, test is sent by email. Pay about US$50 for 1 hour audio file which can take 5-7 hours to transcribe (for an experienced transcriber). They pay through PayPal

Caption Colorado – employs captioners who can work from home. High typing speed and accuracy required. Company provides audio equipment and modems

Fantastic Transcripts – not hiring currently, but you can send your resume by email , which will be stored in their database and you will be informed about suitable opportunities

Domenichelli Business Services – should be experienced, with a digital transcription system (Start-Stop PowerPlay for Windows Media), able to transcribe DVDs, and proficient in MS Word

Cambridge Transcriptions – employs transcriptionist , report writers and copy editors

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